Westinghouse H840CK15 color television survivor list.

After seeing the suggestion on the Audio Karma discussion site to have a surviving Westinghouse 15" Color Television site I decided to just do it. After all how hard can it be, with less than 10 probably left. I know that Pete Deksnis keeps his CT-100 list submissions confidential on request and I will also, but it would really be great if we could post photos and S/N's of all of them here.

As of April 25 2003 we are up to 11 of these great machines!

Owner: Marlin Mackley, 509 Main Street, Fenton, MO 63026-4169, Telephone: 636-326-9096.
Television S/N: MW005994

I heard of this monster from a gentleman I met at a mechanical television convention, of all places, and followed up his lead when he emailed the owner's contact info to me. I bought it in September 2001 and drove to Virginia to get it. The owner said he aquired it from the original dealer and that it had never been sold. He said he was told by the dealer that he had requested one of the first machines off the line. I did not put much faith in that, with the story going through the mental filters who knows how many times in the last 30 years that this man had the set. The S/N is too high, unless it was a special one, and it is from a different factory. I have not dug into it to see if it has one of the pre issue crt's or not.

Owner: Fred Hoffman, Address: , Telephone:
Television Serial Number MW006012 Chassis Number M000819

Fred says his '840' arrived on March 29, 2002. It has been fully uncrated and is now in as close to mint as you can expect to find.

Owner: Steve McVoy, Address: Early Television Foundation, 5396 Franklin Street, Hilliard, Ohio 43026, Telephone: (614) 771-0510
Addendum: Steve has just reported he has aquired what is believed to be a pre production Westi 15". Stay tuned for furthur details! smcvoyc@columbus.rr.com
Television S/N:

Steve says his set has been fully restored and is working and on display at the ETS.

Owner: John Folsom, Florida,
Serial numbers: MW005602, MW005284. Chassis serial numbers: (left set) ME000012, (right set) MC081083

How many folks can boast of having TWO H840's in the same room! John Folsom can. John says the backs have been removed from the sets, and he doesn't know which back went with which chassis. The "on air" photo (the left set) was made using the Hickok 656XC color bar generator, circa 1955. He says: "The right set has been working in the past, but is not working at the moment. Alas, I could not get the doors closed on this set, they are actually in somewhat better shape than the left set".

Danny Gustafson of Chicago has given permission to be listed, thanks to Steve McVoy for contacting him! Hopefully we will have some information later to post here. Addition: Steve Mcvoy reports Danny Gustafson died recently.

Rob in Ontario, Canada has an H840CK15 in fine condition with chassis # ME000275, that came with a developmental C-73599 (progenitor to 15GP22 ) CRT. He has offered to send more and pics later.

Rob also reports that the Wingham Museum has an H840CK15 with a 25 Hz power supply (the chokes are huge compared to the 60 Hz standard edition, as if the set weren't heavy enough in the 60 cycle model), chassis number to follow.

Ed Westfall in Oregon has an operational H840CK15.


Timothy Uberto has just let us know that he has a 15 inch westinghouse color tv console, soon to be restored. He also collects vintage televisions. 553 North Tacoma Ave. Indianapolis. In. 46201 317-955-9365

I am sure that there are others out there. If anyone has any info to help please email me!

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