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Indian burial mounds ravaged to build a Walmart!

Walmart has yet again performed a desecration, this time in the City of Fenton, Mo.

As a 15 year resident of Old Town Fenton I watched in tears as the Former Fenton Indian Burial Mounds Mesa as I call it was excavated. Over and above the crimes against human history perpetrated by these preditory developers we in my city have to look at the back of a plain block building set on top of a pile of rocks.

It has been obvious for some time that the City of Fenton mishandled the project from its very beginning. One might ask why the Fenton Planning and Zoning department ever allowed such destruction to happen. The city certainly paid the developer to destroy the burial mounds, giving them some 37 million dollars of future tax revenues to the developer to literally blow up the rolling hills known to contain the indian burial mounds.

A gentleman, working for the State, told me at that time he had spent most of his last several years in office almost exclusively either riding herd on what he considered the mishandling of the human remains unearthed on one of these sites, or trying to prevent the destruction of the known unmarked burials. Why did he have too?

We Fenton voters kicked out the Mayor that allowed this to happen. We also gave the boot to many of the Good Ole Boys that backed him. Unfortunately our new terrific mayor is facing an uphill battle to deal with the results of poor or dishonest decisions by the last regime. The sales taxes from the large new shopping areas are lower than originally received from the smaller Old Town business district. Also, two large big box stores, including the old Walmart, set vacant, along with about half of the other store locations formerly in the area. Nobody wants to come in to this area as the traffic is all up on the hill.

My suggestions for all citizens to respond to this are:

1. Elect new local and state officials at the next elections making sure they understand we do not want people like Walmart in our communities.

2. Boycott all Walmart and Sam's stores anywhere in the world. Target and Kmart have better stuff at about the same prices.

3. Contact Walmart headquarters and voice your opinion!

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