This restored photo is from the cover of a 1948 decorating magazine which featured "The television viewing room of the future", and emphasizing indirect lighting. The display was by Sylvania and was in New York City. Does anybody recognise this TV? It may have been a dummy for the display, but an inside photo shows it turned on with a test pattern on the screen.

My collection's focus is primarily the early 1950's and before, with a few later items of exceptional interest.

Here is a list of the televisions in my collection, with basic specifications. Some models may be clicked on to view a photo or for more information. These items are not for sale. My hope is to generate a number of contacts with which to discuss this facinating hobby. Thanks for checking it out!

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My Collection of Televisions
ModelScreenTypeCRT shapeDateComments

Admiral 19A11

7" Table Bakeliteround1948

Admiral 19A11

7" Table Black Bakeliteround1948


10"Console Bakeliteround1948


19"3 way consoleround1949


10"Table woodround1948

Emerson 610

7" Table woodround1949


12" Table woodround1950


7" Table, metal, 13 channelround1947


7" Table, wood, 13 channelround1947


10" Table Woodround1948


23" console 3m way Woodrectangular1952Great HIFI sound, 6V6 pushpull amp and radio on TV chassis
Hudson14" portable metalrectangular1954

Motorola VT-71M-A

7" Table mahogonyround1949

Motorola 9T1

8" Table black bakeliteround1949


14" Blond wood consoleround1950
Meteor19" portable metalrectangular1954side handle
Meteor19" portable wood/clothrectangular1954


1.5" pocket TVrectangular1985

Philco 50-T-1104

10" Table Bakeliteround1950

Philco 50-T-1403

12" Table Mahoganyround1950

Philco 50-T-1404

12" Table Mahoganyround1950

Philco 51-PT1208

12" Table Mahoganyround1951Not in collector's books a/o Nov. 1999

Philco 51-T-1607

12" Table Metalround1951

Philco Predicta Holiday

21" Table Mahogonyrectangular1959

Philco Predicta Hotel

17" Table Metalrectangular1961

Pilot TV-37

3"Portable masoniteround1948Usually came with a leatherette carrying case


10" 3 way Console Mahoganyround1949

RCA 8T241

10" Table walnutround1949

RCA 9T246

10" Table metal/clothround1949

Sentinel 400TV

7" portable "suitcase" round1948
Sony 5-305UW5"Portable metalrectangular1960


12"Table Mahoganyround1949
Zenith12"Wood porthole consoleround1950
Zenith14"Wood porthole consoleround1950
Zenith16"Metal Tablerectangular1952prepared for wired remote
Zenith16"3 way console with Armstrong FMrectangular1952
Zenith21"Console woodrectangular1952prepared for wired remote
Zenith23"Console woodrectangular1952