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This photo shows a very unusual record that I consider the gem of my collection. It was very difficult to photograph, but the pictured side is completely covered with the embossed logo of the manufacturer. The record is 16-1/2" diameter, about 1/8" thick schallac. The recorded side features a 1937 broadcast of the "Chevrolet Program" featuring several young talants that later went on to fame and fortune. And, by the way, this record plays at 33-1/3 RPM!

Transcription records were used by radio stations to record programs for delayed broadcast before tape recording was available. Mostly in a 16" diameter format these records were either aluminum core with lacquer, glass with lacquer, or vinyl. They may be any of the normal speeds, and in many cases start on the inside track and work there way to the outside because some of the old turntables had a shutoff that would trip when the tone arm ran off the edge of the disk!

Here are the contexts of a few of my favorites:

list in process, but here are some selections. These records are not for sale, but I would be happy to make cassette copies for the cost of the tape, or to trade for tapes of programs I do not have.

Keyboard Masters:

S1 & S2: Miss Elizabeth Ball-Kerrs, piano-Bach Prelude & Fugue in G major, Charles Mills - Sonatina in D major (first performance), Chopin - Nocturn F major, Etude in F minor Opus 25 #2, Etude in C# Minor Opus 10 #4. The record also contains a recorded letter from the engineer who made this recording to some friends. He discusses some technical aspects of the recording. 16" 33-1/3 rpm.

S1: Washington reports: Interview by Harry W. Flannery with Thor Tolpson (sp?) D -Calif, and Jack Schelly (sp?) Republician regarding ship building. S2: Billy Graham - Hour of Decision 8-31-1958, with Loren Whitney at the organ. 16" 33-1/3 rpm. Inside start.

S1 & S2: Philodelphia Symphony with Eugene Ormandy: Scharazade. The record also contains a recorded letter from the engineer who made this recording to some friends. 16" 33-1/3 rpm.

S1/S2: 13 records, "Your Navy Presents Music On Deck: The Champagne Music of Lawerence Welk. 16" 33-1/3 rpm. Shows 3B/4B, 5B/6B, 7B/8B, 9B/10B, 11B/12B, 13B/14B, 15B/16B, 17B/18B, 19B/20B, 21B/22B, 23B/24B, 25B/26B, 27B/28B.

Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization present: Stars for Defense S1: #149, with Jimmy Dean, Jay Jackson, Ray Bloch & his Orchestra, Narrated by Leo A. Hoegh. S2: #150, with Jane Morgan, Jay Jackson, Ray Bloch & his Orchestra, Narrated by Leo A. Hoegh. 16"

S1: WMC radio, (Memphis), the Commercial Appeal Radio Station 3-21-1951: The March of Gray (a comedy skit). S2: The Lone Ranger starring Brace Beamer, last half of episode, title unknown. 16" 33-1/3 rpm

Hillman Mitchell (piano and vocal): S1: Your Love and Mine, God's Love Brings Peace. S2: Violets, Deep In the Heart of Dreamland. 78RPM 12".

S1: Wendle Nyles : Jack Carson's nephew: "PS: Tugwile Sends His Love" announcement (false start, unfinished), Clair D' Lune on KMOX Kilgen organ (I think!). S2: blank. 16" 33-1/3 RPM

S!: Senate investigation interview of Mrs. Baker's testimony, with Senator John F. Kennedy (I think) regarding Joe Costello shooting and the "Greenlease money" Aug. 19, 1958, and "Something to Think About", sponsored by State Bank of Welston, 6313 Easton, St. Louis, Mo. Subjects: American Bible Society, Auto accidents, Using California Geysers to generate electricity, Why sailors are called "Tars". With Sterling Hartwick. 16" 33-1/3 RPM

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