The Voice of Terror, US style

Date line: October 16, 2004.

While watching an old Sherlock Holmes movie about W.W.II terror radio broadcasts I was taken aback by the similarity of that movie's interpretation of the terror broadcasts of that time and the blanket of modern ridicule of our President and his efforts to fight the terrorists of our day.

A principle characteristic of the terror broadcasts, at least as are reconstructed by the movie industry of the 1940's, is a core line of how stupid the government was and the sacrifices the listeners would make as a result of their government's actions. There was of course no tie into the broadcaster's country's own destructive actions, just the transference of responsibility from their shoulders to the listener's government.

Remember those Tokyo Rose broadcasts? I think it would be most enlightening to compare surviving recordings of those broadcasts to Michael Moore's attempts at propaganda. His output of this drivel is not a recent development, he has produced this kind of drool for a number of years, only now his desperation for control has pressed him to new heights of depravity. Or is it just that he needed the cash to buy more cheeseburgers?

Oh, and Ted Kennedy, I have not forgotten you. You only lack the German accent to sound almost identical to Hitler. Your continuity of thought certainly seems on the same level. I believe I have read that Hitler had venereal disease, which is known to cause judgment difficulties. What is your problem?

Ever wonder why Dick Gephardt has been so quiet lately? He did not drop out of politics, not on your life. He expects to move up in the world of responsibility free-power, as he will be pulling the strings for Kerry. Well, somebody would have to!

Some of the real US terrorists are less interested in taking the limelight. The backers of such organizations as moveon need to keep out of the spotlight as they are constantly at risk of being found out. They are after power without responsibility.

If you have any doubt that these people are expecting political power than consider how much good they could do by funding cancer research, for instance. There financial power could make a significant contribution to curing diseases that they themselves could ultimately be struck by, so they must have a larger personal drive, which I am willing to bet is political power. I do not know about you but I for one do not wish to give that much power to one person. People like Michael Moore and George Soros want to take control of our country away from the American voters.

Often in the past our national elections were as much a battlefield for voter ego's as genuine government selection. Usually we were a strong enough country to put up with several years of bad leadership and still be number one in the world, but this time it is different.

This time we are fighting for our right to survive. Terrorists, who have no capacity for the thought processes we use to not want war, are poised on the very brink of killing us. This is not a movie that we can pause so we can get some popcorn, this is a real threat to our lives, which 911 should have slapped us awake enough to notice.

I noticed, and I certainly hope a majority of voters have noticed also.

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