Most folks have been fed up with tele marketers interrupting their dinner, or concentration on some task, or their sleep. State and national "Do not call" lists help for personal telephone numbers but in our state businesses are exempt from using this service. As my pipe organ business wound down to semiretirement just about the only telephone calls I received, except for friends, were tele marketers, and I could not do a thing about it other than tell each one separately to add me to their do not call list. This of course was useless as they were hired tele solicitors, and the next time the company whose product was being pushed did a tele market they simply use a different telemarketing service, which meant a different do not call list. This was ridiculous and also costly as I was paying $45 a month just to be interrupted by calls I did not want. So, my personal world access's me by cell telephone, and the business world uses e-mail or the post office.