Movie scene shot amongst the television collection!

January 15th of 2005 saw an unusual event at Studio 4-17. Several scenes for a movie called Deadwood Park were shot in our old church building. The story called for a search for a person that winds up in the cellar of a disused church. The cellar scenes were shot elsewhere but what were shot here was a couple creeping about in the dark and cold building with Coleman lanterns, looking for signs of this person. They come to the “cellar” door, which actually leads to my Winter heated shop, hear strange noises behind the door, and then creep through it. Also a peace officer comes into the building waving a big black flashlight (mine!), and when he hears a noise calls out and starts running towards the cellar door. The other scene shot was of a 12 year old girl dressed kinda eerily, and dripping with blood. I have not heard what THAT was about!

Movie shoot in progress, girl in white
is at lower center, with back to my camera.

Anyway, my flashlight was not the only “star” of the scenes. A number of my vintage television collection show in the shots. The premise is that the building had been used as a TV repair shop and storage, and when the man died the place was just left locked for years. The prop people and I worked for over an hour getting the TV’s pulled out, arranged and made dusty (yeah, like they aren’t ALWAYS dusty!), and more modern items like my inventory computer, modern oscilloscope and such were moved out of shot.

This was fascinating, albeit cold, to watch. About a dozen folks were here from about 3 PM till nearly 2 AM, and except for three or four active people, we all just sat out of shot and tried to keep warm.

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