Congressman Dick Gephardt conspicuous by his absence.:
Where is "Littledick" now?

Dateline Wednesday, 2-12-2003
A new stretch of highway 21 in Missouri was dedicated on Tuesday, but there was a conspicuous 
absence at the ribbon cutting ceremony. Over the many years that "blood alley" 
has been improved small sections at a time Richard Gephardt has always been there 
"fighting" for those improvements. However, as he has withdrawn from the next 
reelection opportunity, effectively taking his ball and pouting in the corner 
after the disaster he helped cause in the last election, he must feel he no longer
 needs to show up for his pet project. One wonders if this is proof positive that
  he never did care about the safety of the highway, but was just after the
  publicity. One  wonders. HAH!!
  Submitted by Marlin Mackley 2-12-2003